What Our Clients Are Saying

Brandon Cravens completed a massive remodel of our house in 2017. We first had him remodel our guest bathroom and put new floors in a few rooms of the house. The bathroom remodel was within the existing walls and no major changes, but all new finishes. Once he completed that we moved to our Master bedroom “suite”. This part of the remodel was much more extensive, moving interior and exterior walls, adjusting rooflines, brand new 900+ sq ft deck in the rear and a new deck at the front. It extended into our mudroom and laundry as well.

Brandon was there for the entire project as well as any subcontractors that he needed to bring in, which were all FANTASTIC.

The quality / craftsmanship of his work is second to none, and he expects that out of anyone that is working with him too. This was a long project, but he finished when he said he would and stuck to his quotes. We did of course have change orders throughout, but there was never any funny business with the quotes, you got what you paid for and you paid for incredibly nice work. There are many pictures of this project that are shown on his pages where you can see the quality of the work, please look through those and see what types of things he can do. His wood slab work is simply amazing and we used several pieces throughout the project.

Brandon is a custom craftsman and seems to be able to do about anything, high quality, high end work. Partnering with him is his wife Ashlee Cravens who is equally amazing in her design work. They are our own Joanna and Chip Gaines! We couldn’t have asked for better people to work with or better results from the project.

We have done many remodels in our years, this was easily the most complex, yet came in on time and gave us the best results from any we’ve done. Would and will use them again and would recommend them to anyone. Well worth waiting for if he is tied up on another project.”
Ken – Georgetown, CA